Washing Machines In Schools May Improve Attendance

Washing Machines in Schools

On our blog, we’ve discussed before the dangers of chronic absenteeism in schools. Poorly cleaned areas can be one cause, but another unexpected reason may also be involved: a lack of clean clothes.

Low-income students may not have access to the resources to have clean clothes on a daily basis. Parents may work long hours and are not always able to make it to a laundromat. The social stigma of reusing the same set of dirty or smelly clothes may keep some children at home. How to counter this problem?

Business Insider magazine recently reported on a trial run of some schools using washing machines at the school itself.

Writer Chris Weller explains:

“During the 2015-2016 school year, teachers and other staff members told students to bring in whatever laundry they could fit in a single bag as often they needed. Parents or teachers from the school would handle the cleaning that day, at no cost to families.”

“The direct effects would be that the students are not embarrassed to come to school because they have clean clothes,” sociologist Richard Arum, dean of UCI’s School of Education, told the magazine.

According to Weller, the results lead to “90% of kids attending school more often and 89% greater class participation.”

Weller says the plan is to expand the program from 17 schools to 60 by August 2017, including schools in St. Louis, New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the primary ideal behind this endeavor is to help all students feel included and equal, which will benefit everyone in the long term.

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