The Spartan Restroom Care Solution

Restroom Care Program from Johnston and Spartan

Spartan Restroom Care Program

According to a recent Harris poll survey, 86 percent of U.S. adults equate the cleanliness of a restaurant’s restroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen. The survey also revealed that 75 percent of U.S. adults would not return to a restaurant with dirty restrooms.

No matter the industry, clean restrooms directly impact a business‚ ability to attract and retain customers. Johnston’s ready to use restroom program provides the right products for the right applications within your restroom. Let us help you keep your restrooms smelling fresh and held to the highest standard of clean with the Spartan Restroom Care Program.

# 319703

Consume is a cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer. It naturally removes difficult organic soils from many surfaces including tile, concrete, steel, and carpet.

Peroxy 4D™ Disinfectant
# 480502

Peroxy 4D is a hospital grade disinfectant that delivers effective cleaning performance with the power of peroxide. Effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses, Peroxy 4D can be used anywhere a clean and healthy environment is desired.

Peroxy II FBC®
# 353503

The antibacterial cleaning power of Peroxy II fbc kills 99.9% of household bacteria* in 2 minutes. This foaming bath and surface cleaner effectively removes soap scum and hard water films.

Multi Purpose Cleaner RTU Handi Spray
# 318603

The phosphate-free formula is great for floors, and other surfaces where a bright, shiny, streak free finish is desired.

# 711603

Formulated without acid, NABC cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes toilet bowls, urinals and other restroom surfaces. Effective for clean-ups per the blood borne pathogen standard, NABC delivers healthy restrooms.

Clean on the Go® Portable Dispensing System
# 925800

The Portable Dispensing System is a reusable, accurate dispenser for use with Spartan’s Clean on the Go® and Green Solutions® 2-Liter concentrates.

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