FM40 LX Orbital Scrubbing Floor Machine

Powerful Performance, Versatile Application

Scrubbing Floor Machines

The new Clarke FM40 represents a significant step forward for Clarke’s orbital scrubbing floor machines. Available in a feature-rich deluxe LX edition, the FM40 is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of ease of use and versatility for unmatched performance in both wet and dry applications.

What makes the Clarke FM40 LX unique is this:

  • Wheel-down driving productivity, single-handed operation in forward-and-backward motion
  • Full modularity allows for easy separation and transportation of equipment
  • Switchable wheels-up/wheels-down modes offer balanced control for both side-to-side and forward-and backward motion
  • Provides chemical-free floor stripping for removing floor finish in small or hard-to-reach areas

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the video below or contact a Johnston representative at 800-800-7123 or by visiting our Contact Us page.  You can also view detailed information about the FM40 LX here.