Stylize the Restroom with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Dispensers

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™

When it comes to restroom hygiene products, style has rarely been top-of-mind in product design.  Historically, the focus has been on functionality, cost savings and safety, but with the innovations from our friends at Kimberly-Clark Professional™, you no longer need to sacrifice any of these features for style.  Thoughtfully engineered with an eye on aesthetics, the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Dispensers collection refines every interaction of the dispensing experience in the restroom.

Function First

Through elevated technology Kimberly-Clark Professional™ have designed their ICON™ dispensers with those who need to service the dispensers in mind. While other dispensers are designed around paper, the ICON™ dispensers are designed around the people who need to interact with it most: your customers and employees. Here are just some of the ways ICON™ helps to elevate the experience of these core groups:

  • Simplified installation
    • Right from the start Kimberly-Clark Professional™ makes installation easy with custom engineered brackets featuring a built in level and clip-on mounting.
  • Flexible accessibility options
    • Not only do you have the choice between keyed or keyless entry, but you can choose to position the location of your access port on the right or left side based on dispenser location.
  • Dampened Hinge
    • Allows for smooth one handed operation and eliminates the possibility of a fast-swinging front cover injuring you or your staff.
  • Intuitive visual cues
    • LED lights communicate when a unit needs attention, minimizing touchpoints!
  • Direct-drive dispensing
    • 150,000 dispenses per battery set
    • 99% jam-free dispensing
    • 85% quieter than leading competition

Style & Customization

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Dispensers are available in 6 stock print faceplate designs including:

  • Black Mosaic
  • White Mosaic
  • Silver Mosaic
  • Ebony Woodgrain
  • Warm Marble
  • Cherry Blossom.

The faceplates are easily interchangeable if you ever want a change in style.

This first-of-its-kid interchangeable faceplate technology brings another benefit to life – unprecedented dispenser customization. You can custom design virtually anything you want on a faceplate for Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Dispensers and the minimum order is only ONE FACEPLATE. Company branding, unique promotional opportunities, messaging engagement… The possibilities are endless! Best of all: Kimberly-Clark makes ordering and customizing your faceplates as seamless as possible through the online KCP Marketplace.

We recently welcomed the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ team to the Johnston Solution Center to shoot some promotional videos for this new line. Check out one of these new videos below:

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