Johnston’s 30th Annual ‘Kris May Memorial’ Golf Fundraiser Sees High Attendance

The two-day event raised money for three important charities.

Johnston recently demonstrated its commitment to one of Envoy Solutions’ core values: social responsibility.

The Johnston team held its 30th anniversary Kris May Memorial Golf Tournament to raise money for three charities: Make a Wish, First Tee, and the Jim and Julie Boeheim Foundation.

The two-day event kicked off on September 12th with Honoring Our Vendors night at Mike May’s house in Auburn, NY.  Mike was the owner of Johnston before the company joined Envoy Solutions in November 2021.  About 150 people were in attendance including Johnston employees, vendors, and others to honor the generosity and support for the charities.


Then on September 13th, there was a golf tournament held at Highland Park Golf Course where the weather was fantastic for a fundraising event.  Johnston’s event had 154 golfers, which was the highest number in attendance for many years.

The event was supported by several of our vendors including our Gold and Silver-level donors:


  • GOJO
  • Spartan


  • Georgia Pacific
  • Kimberley Clark,
  • Heritage Bag
  • Supply Source
  • SC Johnson
  • Tork
  • Clorox
  • Sani Professional
  • Rubbermaid

There were several Johnston team members supporting the event, including Mike May, Mike May Jr., Heather Saxton, Chris Festa, Lindsay May, Jason Horbal, Rich Gardner, and Rich Hogan.  In addition, Syracuse Basketball coaches were in attendance for both days.

The Kris May Memorial Tournament is named after Mike May’s brother David “Kris” Kristen May.  Kris was a co-owner of Johnston until he passed away in 2013. Kris was an avid golfer and golf coach as well as a big supporter of Make a Wish.

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