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Hotel Housekeeping Tips

How do you keep a hotel looking pristine? Lauren Feeley, a freelance writer and consultant for The Champagne Lodge, a boutique hotel near Chicago, wrote an article for hospitality trade publication eHotelier on how to keep a hotel room in good shape.

She reminds readers how important it is to keep a clean image:

“In the hospitality industry, creating the perfect experience for visitors and patrons is paramount. In this day and age, one or two bad reviews online can be the kiss of death for a business, and for better or for worse, business owners need to be aware of that possibility.”

Here are some highlights from her piece on what ideas to incorporate into a housekeeping routine:

  • Open the windows to let in both air and light
  • Remove any litter (used pillows, sheets, shampoo bottles, etc.), exposing the surfaces that need to be cleaned underneath
  • Clean the bedroom first, then the bathroom. Feeley says this reduces “bacterial transfer [and] helps improve sanitation and overall cleanliness.”
  • Sweep and/or vacuum before mopping, to make sure “you get the dust and debris off the floor before getting it wet.”
  • Keep all cleaning supplies in a cart for easy access. Feeley says “This is a basic tip, but it’s surprising how many hotels don’t do this!”

Johnston and Hospitality

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Here’s what Angelo Mazzone of Mazzone Hospitality, owners of The Inn at Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, NY had to say about Johnston:

“Johnston made a commitment to Mazzone Hospitality to provide a quality product at a reasonable and transparent price. They have kept their word and we look forward to a mutually rewarding future. I am grateful for their professionalism and am pleased beyond measure with their performance and product.”

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