Johnston Invests in Safety with New Snow Scraper System

Snow Scraper System

Johnston’s New Snow Scraper System

Snow Scraper System Operation

Johnston has further strengthened its commitment to safety with the addition of the new FleetPlow 440T portable trailer snow removal system, a heavy-duty, automated snow scraper built for large fleets operating in harsh winter conditions.  The new snow scraper system can remove 24 inches of heavy, wet snow from truck and trailer roofs of varied heights in less than 30 seconds.  This system utilizes OneTAP full automation in which a locating beam helps position the trailer and the only system task of the driver is to tap the green light to get started.  The complete operation cycle is then fully automated and signaled via a PLC, sensors, and traffic signals. Controlling this process helps eliminate operator error, ensures repeatable efficiency, and speeds up fleet throughput.  The 440T system is capable of clearing up to 60 vehicles per hour.

Why Get Rid of Snow From Trailer Roofs?

Firstly, there are a series of ordinances and codes that need to be followed to avoid truckers or companies that utilize truck being fined.  Those rules are in place because snow flying off of a trailer on a busy roadway can be extremely dangerous.  Snow and ice coming off a trailer can blind following traffic or even break windshields, causing accidents, injuries and deaths. Johnston is committed to keeping our drivers and the roadways they utilize as safe as they can be and this investment is another way we are taking steps to ensure that.