Moving Beyond Mops for Better Cleaning


How do you know when industrial mops are not the best choice?

To mop or not to mop? That’s the question. After years upon years of being the standby tool of cleaning professionals worldwide, some are finding that industrial mops are often not the best choice for keeping our floors cleaned properly.

Trade publication CleanLink recently posted a piece on their website that discusses some “mop myths” that are mostly untrue. They go on to describe some ways mops actually may cause more harm than good.

For example, mops can actually spread soil around, rather than wipe it away. Soaking mops do not eliminate all potential contaminants, even if soaking the mop overnight. Using extra disinfectant may have little to no effect when cleaning with a mop (the active ingredient in the cleaner is largely absorbed by the mop fibers, rather than effectively spreading itself onto the intended surface).

Moving Beyond Mops

So what’s the solution? Mops should not be viewed as an all-purpose tool, but simply one option among many. In recent years, cleaning technology has advanced to include many alternatives to mopping. They include high-pressure water jets and motorized scrubbing systems, among others.

Clarke Vantage 14

Clarke Vantage 14

At Johnston, “Cleaning Solutions” is our namesake. We offer multiple product lines to fit any need. For example, we offer the Clarke Vantage 14.

You’ll also have the reliability of a long-time brand like Clarke along with access to Johnston’s team of knowledgeable service representatives.

The selection at Johnston doesn’t end with cleaning machinery. We’ve recently partnered with leading provider Mats Inc. to offer commercial flooring and matting products that can reduce dirt from incoming foot traffic – before it even hits the areas that normally need to be mopped, making cleaning even easier.

Mops don’t have to be left to the history books just yet, but it’s worth taking a look at your options. We’re here to help.

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