It’s Gross Out There – Don’t Forget Hand Washing!

Don’t Forget Hand Washing

Hand washing is a simple and easy way to reduce germs. But it doesn’t happen as often as you would expect. We’ve covered this story before, but it’s worth repeating.

Surprising results were discovered in a 2013 study by Michigan State University that found up to 95% of people wash their hands less than the recommended fifteen to twenty seconds – or do not even wash their hands at all. Only around 5% of the people studied were properly washing their hands.

One way that may encourage people to wash their hands more often is to remind them of what exactly they are allowing to flourish if they don’t clean up. The Henry Ford Health System, a hospital network based around Detroit, led a study of their own to see if the “yuck factor” of actually seeing germs would inspire more people to improve their rates of hand-washing. Their study had a special emphasis on their own staff.

A video was published by that organization last year showing some of their results. You can watch it here:

Johnston and Hand Washing

At Johnston, we’re all about cleanliness. We’ll make it easy for your facility, too. For example, Johnston has partnerships with leading providers such as Georgia-Pacific. We carry their new Pacific Blue Ultra™ line of soap, sanitizer, and paper towel dispensers.

The line is available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs and budget, including touch-free options. Refill containers are sealed to help reduce the risk of contamination (as opposed to a bulk container). The refill bottles are also 100% recyclable. Additionally, you’ll have access to Johnston’s experienced team to help consult with installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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