Eliminate the Toughest Professional Odors with Clorox Odor Defense

Scientifically Proven with ICE™ Technology

Over 100 years of surface cleaning expertise underlies this powerful new air cleaner.  Clorox Odor Defense™ uses ICE™ technology, which combines two powerful surfactants into one odor eliminator.  These surfactants are specifically chosen and scientifically formulated to remove the toughest professional odors.

ICE technology uses a dual system to eliminate odors from the air using a combination of non-ionic and cationic surfactants. Once sprayed into the air, the non-ionic and cationic components combine to form spheres, or odor traps, with a water-phobic core and water-like shell. Malodors are water-phobic, like the core of the sphere. The core attracts malodors to the center of the sphere, while the water-like components form an outer shell that ensnares the odor molecules are trapped in the core of the sphere and unable to pass through the water-like shell to return to the air.

Identify - I in ICE
Capture - C in ICE
Eliminate - E in ICE

Engineered and Designed for the Toughest of Jobs

  • Works on tough malodors like urine, feces and vomit

  • Subtle scent with no heavy, masking fragrance

  • A solution for both air and fabric

  • Long Lasting: works for six hours

Learn more details in how Clorox Odor Defense can help your facility, as well as money saving offers from Clorox.   Please, also find the SDS details you may be interested in reviewing in the links below.

Find out More about Clorox Odor Defense

Clorox Odor Defense InfoGraphic

Clorox Odor Defense $150 Rebate Form

Odor Defense Aerosol SDS Sheet

Clorox Odor Defense Air & Fabric Spray SDS Sheet

Source:  https://www.cloroxprofessional.com/products/clorox-odor-defense/at-a-glance/

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