Vantage 14 – Breakthrough in Daily Scrubbing!

daily scrubbing

The Clarke Vantage 14 is Clarke’s newest addition to its Vantage line of commercially-minded automatic scrubbers, and is great for daily scrubbing.

For being such a little machine it packs a lot of cleaning power and special features that are sure to increase your productivity and make cleaning your floors a more enjoyable experience.

The rotating deck allows you to reach into corners and maneuver around obstacles while still being able to scrub in both forward and reverse. The Vantage 14 is brush assist driven which means that the contact of the pad or brush on the floor will pull you along  and reduce the fatigue experienced when using a traditional mop. Water flow is at your fingertips, with a high and low setting that can easily be switched between, while water pickup is made effortless by the vacuum and squeegee that will pickup water from any direction.

You can find more detailed information about the Vantage 14 here.

Looking to see the Vantage 14 in action? Check out the video below or get in touch with a Johnston representative at 800-800-7123 or by visiting our Contact Us page.