Use the Right Cleaning Equipment

Save Time and Money

The Right Cleaning Equipment Reduces Costs and Improves Performance

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money in order to save money, but choosing the right cleaning equipment for the job at hand reduces costs and improves performance. Buying the least expensive—which usually means manual—equipment does save money in the short term.

Successful businesses have learned to keep an eye on the long-term savings produced by equipment expenditures. For instance, changing the type of vacuums you use can not only reduce cleaning costs and improve your return on investment in the equipment, but can also improve cleanliness and safety.

Switching to a battery-operated backpack vacuum, for instance, will require an initial investment, but the reduction in cleaning time alone can help to reduce your labor costs. This will likely allow you to out-clean your competitors.

The improved design and performance of these new machines can provide even more benefit by allowing your staff to clean easier, without having to mess with cords, and more often. This is because newer machines have quieter motors that are less intrusive and can be used during hours of operation.

Another example is the traditional mop and bucket versus automatic mops. Again, it may be tempting to save money by going the traditional route, but there is more to consider. First, automatic scrubbers are faster, allowing employees to clean more areas.

Automatic scrubbers are also easier to use, resulting in less fatigue to employees, which increases their ability to be more efficient. And, studies have shown that typically a mop and bucket removes only about 35% of dirt from a floor, compared to 90%–95% for an automatic floor scrubber.

Consider Equipment a Necessity Rather Than an Expense

You can achieve better results with less time and effort, with a simple change in mindset. Your company can clean better, safer, and faster by automating wherever feasible.

Instead of worrying about the short-term cash outlay, remember that your new equipment will bring in more profit over time as you reap the benefits of newer automated equipment. At the same time, you will be using the latest technology to create a cleaner environment than can be achieved with some of the traditional manual tools of the trade.

Many businesses are discovering that the time saved by using the right equipment in one area allows you to address other areas that may have been neglected previously.

This means you can increase your service level without increasing staff. And, as anyone in the cleaning industry knows, there is always more cleaning to be done to ensure a clean and safe facility.

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