Floor Stripping

Getting It Right the First Time

What Is Floor Stripping?

One of the first key steps in overall floor maintenance, floor stripping is defined as a total removal of all dirt and old wax/finished on a floor.

This is a basic definition, so it should not to be confused with scrubbing. Industry consultant Mickey Crowe explains in an article for trade publication CleanLink:

Stripping is the complete removal of any finish on the floor by means of a harsh stripping solution and aggressive stripping pad. Scrubbing is the removal of one coat of dirty/damaged finish and application of one or two coats of finish to rebuild rather than fully replace.”

He goes on to mention that scrubbing is considered less labor intensive and more environmentally friendly, as it is a faster process that creates less chemical byproducts.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Crowe also notes some important “do’s and don’ts” for floor stripping:

  • If the floor stripping process did not seem to work completely, check that the correct mix of chemical solution was used. Crowe says, “I am amazed at how many people do not use a measuring cup or understand ratios.”
  • Use the right process for the right floor. There are multiple types (and conditions) of flooring you might encounter; be sure to consult reference materials to ensure the correct set of equipment is being used in the right way.
  • Go slow. “Take the time to do it right so that you do not have to waste the time doing it over,” reminds Crowe.
  • Be prepared. In another common sense tip, Crowe mentions to be sure to have all your equipment ready before you begin.

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