School Cleaning or the Lack of It

How Cleaning Can Help Transform the Education and Learning Environment

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how the cleanliness of a school can have a major impact on both attendance and student performance.

A recent article in Chicago-area newspaper the Hyde Park Herald reported on the severe problems facing a local high school – a lack of sufficient custodial staff and aging equipment has led to widespread concern among students.

“Students and staff have become accustomed to filthy classrooms and sickening bathrooms and locker rooms,” said student council president Amaya Lorick. The school has failed two recent health inspections.

Another student says, “The HVAC system is a system that’s not working, we need to be on the budget for an HVAC replacement. The system is from 1969.” Temperatures over the school vary widely, said the student.

Students and teachers are now working to petition the local board of education to do more for the school.

Lorick says, “We are going to be on them. We are a part of a coalition, and we meet every week. At our meeting tomorrow we’re going to make sure someone is sending out an email. We’re going to stay on it because we need this.”

Cleanliness and a well-trained janitorial staff don’t just prevent spread of disease, but can truly alter the learning environment. It is all the more noticeable when the proper level of cleaning is not available.

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