Reusable Grocery Bags Without the Huge Minimums!

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of change in the grocery environment.  One particular change was the pause of the NYS plastic bag ban.  Although this legislation’s implementation has been delayed twice now, signs are pointing to re-implementation soon rather than later.  Most grocery operations were prepared in advance for this change with paper bag alternatives.  While this is an adequate solution, it is costly and less sustainable that educating customers about the move to reusable grocery bags.

Benefits of Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bags are the most sustainable method available.  They eliminate the need for multiple paper/plastic bags to be used once and discarded only to wind up in a landfill.  They are sturdy, can hold more than a traditional paper or plastic bag, and fold to store nicely in your vehicle.  Having an option for reusable grocery bags to provide your customers sends a positive message to environmentally conscious shoppers that will keep them returning to your operation.

Drawbacks of Reusable Grocery Bags

The purchase of reusable grocery bags normally is accompanied by massive minimum order quantities and very long lead times. Many of the most common reusable bags are produced overseas. They are in very high demand and it can take 12-20 weeks to receive an order.  That order also has to be pretty sizable for it to be worth time filling.  If your operation isn’t large enough to meet the minimum, you’ve hit a roadblock.

The Solution: Johnston’s Reusable Grocery Bag

Seeing our customers struggle with some of these drawbacks, we knew we had to find a solution!  So at Johnston we made our own generic print reusable grocery bag, ordered a large quantity and it is now available for purchase to all of our customers in smaller quantities at a reasonable price.  If you are interested in purchasing these great reusable bags for resale to your customers, reach out to a Johnston representative today and ask about Item# REUSABLE1.

How Johnston Can Help

Johnston prides itself on providing exceptional products to suit your needs, even when we have to make our own!  Our experts can help you assess your current situation and evaluate the best way to deploy new systems and processes throughout your facilities.  Johnston works with many exceptional vendors to deliver quality products, training and service to our customers.  In addition, our experts can help identify potential problem areas in your processes and help you to improve them through training, reinforcement and proper product selection.  Our team even offers laundry and warewash services as well as preventative maintenance programs where an expert from our team will check on your fleet regularly, keep it in great working order and inform you of any necessary maintenance or repairs.  Contact a Johnston expert today to get started.

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