Utilizing Drain Maintenance to Prevent Flies in Restaurants and Bars

Prevent Flies In Restaurants and Bars

Prevent Flies in Restaurants and Bars

Drain maintenance is one of the most important cleaning processes to keep odors and pests our of your food service facilities.  This is especially prevalent in bars and restaurants.  The mass amounts of sugars, and other organic material being flushed through the drains behind the bar and in food prep and warewash areas eventually can become trapped or coat the sides of your drains.  This residue attracts pests like flies who fee don this and repopulate inside your facility.  It can also lead to terrible odor issues deterring customers from returning to your establishment.

Drain Maintenance Must Address Organic Material

The best way to combat these issues is to have a comprehensive drain maintenance program in place.  A staple part of that program should be a cleaning agent that eliminates the organic material in you drains responsible for attracting these pests.  One such product we would recommend is Consume from Spartan Chemical.

Consume from Spartan Chemical

Consume comes in a variety of forms, but perhaps the easiest for control of product use in your facilities is the quick dissolve drop-in-drain packet. These packets can be dissolved in cold or warm water.  We recommend dissolving in a small cup rather than placing the packet directly on the drain.  This way you can be sure to evenly distribute the resulting mix around all of the sides of the drain so the mix come into direct contact with the organic material you wish to eliminate. We recently showcased this method in the video below:

Aside from the Drop-in-drain packets, Consume can also be purchased in quarts, gallons and the Consume LIQ Pales available sizes 5 Gallons and up.  The Consume LIQ can actually be paired with a Spartan Auto Drain programmable time dispensing system which accurately and automatically dispenses the product for drain and grease interceptor maintenance in your facilities.

How Johnston Can Help

Johnston prides itself on providing exceptional products to suit your drain maintenance needs.  Our experts can help you assess your current situation and evaluate the best way to deploy new systems and processes throughout your facilities.  Johnston works with many exceptional vendors to deliver quality products, training and service to our customers.  In addition, our experts can help identify potential problem areas in your processes and help you to improve them through training, reinforcement and proper product selection.  Our team even offers laundry and warewash services as well as preventative maintenance programs where an expert from our team will check on your fleet regularly, keep it in great working order and inform you of any necessary maintenance or repairs.  Contact a Johnston expert today to get started.

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