Liquid Chloride-Free Ice Melt: The Safer Alternative from Entry®

Chloride-Free Ice Melt

Traditional chloride-based ice melt has long been the popular option for a good reason: it works!  That said, the use of this product comes at a cost.  Chloride can burn your pets’ paws, corrode metal, kill plants and alter your local ecosystem and drinking water. There is now a safer option available.  Entry® is a liquid based, fast acting, chloride-free ice melt that gets the job done cleaner without causing bigger problems.

Why Liquid Chloride-Free Ice Melt?

There are quite a few reasons to go with a chloride free option like Entry®:

  1. It’s Better for Your Facility’s Surfaces: Rock salt and granular chlorides get tracked into the surfaces inside your facilities even if you have a decent matting program. Once there they can cause cleaning nightmares and damage to your flooring.  Entry is a residue free liquid with a neutral PH, making it gentle on your surfaces both outdoor and indoor.
  2. It’s Better for Concrete: Chlorides can cause deterioration by attacking the bonds that hold concrete together.They are particularly harmful on newly poured concrete and pavers.
  3. It’s Better for Plants: Chloride induces dehydration and thus eventual death in plants. With Entry® you can guarantee the safety of your lawns, trees, gardens and shrubberies.
  4. It’s Better for Safety: Entry® works extremely fast melting snow and ice before your eyes. This leads to fewer slips, falls and overall worries.
  5. It’s Better for Pets: Chloride not only burns your pets’ paws but it can be harmful if swallowed. Entry® is completely safe for you pets to walk on and interact with.
  6. It’s Better for Nature: Entry® Keeps chloride pollutants out of our water, soils and ecosystems, thus it won’t cut off oxygen to fish and aquatic life.
  7. It’s Better in Extreme Cold: Entry® keeps working temperatures as low as -63 degrees Fahrenheit being the only deicer that actually breaks down ice molecules.
  8. It’s Better for Your Health: Entry® keeps salt run-off out of tap water, for sodium levels that are safe for hearts and overall health.

Why Not Other Alternatives?

  1. Urea: It’s true that Urea won’t burn pets’ paws, but that may be its lone benefit. Urea stops melting below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and is terrible for the environment, to the point where its use is limited in many states.
  2. Carbohydrate: This refers to ice melts derived from beets and potatoes. These are notorious for leaving behind stickiness (which damages your floors) and phosphorus (which damages our planet).  These also normally come mixed with chloride to boost effectiveness as well.
  3. Calcium: Don’t be fooled: Calcium is a chloride, with many of the same tradeoffs that come with sodium chloride rock salts.

See Entry® in Action:

Entry® Options:

Entry is available to purchase in cases of two 2.5 gallon containers as well as in bulk 55 gallon drums for larger facilities.  The product deployment sprayers are available in 2 gallon models with options for both manual hand pumps or electronic rechargeable lithium powered automatic pumps.  At Johnston you can even purchase the sprayer and an introductory 1 gallon container of product bundled for ease.

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