5 Tips for Keeping Your Restroom Clean and Stocked at All Times

Your Image Matters, so Follow These Steps to Success!

Keeping Your Restroom Clean

Your image matters. Presenting an image of professionalism carries to even the most private areas of your workspace, including your restrooms. Keeping your restroom clean (or unclean) will have an impact on your business‚ including your ability to keep customers.

How do you keep your restroom clean and properly stocked at all times? Here are 5 tips that will help.

  1. Rotate your cleaning staff in and out on a regular basis, allowing them to monitoring each restroom (especially important if your building has multiple floors).
  2. Give special attention to any “problem areas” first and foremost.
  3. In addition to their usual rounds, a member of the cleaning staff should always be “on call” and ready to act in case of unexpected messes like spills.Keeping Your Restroom Clean
  4. Depending on the capacity of the paper and soap dispensers in your facility, a full restock might only be needed twice or three times a week instead of every day. Newer devices save time and often last longer. Consider a product like the Kimberly-Clark MOD Dispensing System, which will allow you to design the system that fits your needs and deliver a customized washroom experience for your facility (Johnston has partnerships with leading providers like Spartan, Georgia-Pacific, Gojo, and Kimberly-Clark, ensuring you get the best value available.)
  5. Use time-release air fresheners for an extra boost to the overall image of “clean.” Your air ventilation system should be double-checked to ensure proper air circulation, and to maintain a fresh-scented bathroom at all times, we invite you to learn more about Johnston’s successful Air Care Program.
Keeping Your Restroom Clean

Johnston’s Aircare Program is Attractive and Customizable to fit your needs.

How do you know for sure what cleaning solutions are best for keeping your particular restroom clean? Let a Johnston expert conduct a complimentary site visit and assessment so you’ll know for sure.

Johnston partners with its cleaning service customers, performing a site audit where we will come into your facility and make custom recommendations. We then can support those recommendations by measuring and monitoring your success on an ongoing basis.

With a variety of straightforward and effective cleaning products, Johnston will work with you to ensure your ability to keep your restrooms clean and reflecting the best look for your company will always be fully met.

Image matters, and Johnston is committed to making sure your image is kept professional – and pristine.

Reach out to us and let’s learn what solutions we can customize for you! Visit our Contact page today.