Inline Plastics: Smart & Sustainable PET Packaging

At Johnston, we make a promise to provide our customers with information and access to the latest and greatest industry innovations.   Expanding our lines with great vendor companies like Inline Plastics is one way we make good on that commitment. For more than 45 years Inline Plastics has been innovating, growing and bringing to market the best in crystal clear 100% recyclable PET packaging.

What They Make

Inline Plastics packaging is designed to attractively merchandise products from produce, deli, bakery, grocery convenience store and food service industries. They specialize in solving problems related in these industries like improving shelf life of products and ensuring safety with tamper evident containers.  Although their packaging is crystal clear, it’s plenty green as well. As a company they are committed to the environment as well as quality.

How They Do It

Years ago, they converted all of their packaging to PET, the most recycled plastic in the world; however, that wasn’t good enough. Now they use DPET a material achieved through their unique proprietary process that bolsters the following claims:

  • It eliminates five heat stages of conventional APET sheet production
  • It decreases manufacturing energy consumption by 65%
  • It has a 25% lower carbon footprint than competing APET material
  • That footprint is equal to material containing 50% recycled PET form water & soda bottles
  • DPET scrap can be recycled more times than other containers and bottles

Lines to Explore

Below you see a small selection of the numerous product liens offered by Inline Plastics including links to more information about each specific line.


This extensive Safe-T-Fresh line utilizes a patented Safe-T-Gard tamper-resistant locking mechanism and perimeter seal to lock in freshness and extend the life of grab and go products. The innovators at Inline Plastics have adapted this line for many uses such as Hangables, Bowls, Snack Cups, Vented, PagodaWare, SquareWare, RoundWare and more.

Crystal Fresh

The Crystal Fresh seal design combined with advanced moisture control of PET allows soft food to stay softer and crisp to stay crispier, longer!

Visibly Fresh

The Visibly Fresh perimeter seal design increases shelf life up to 33%.


The extensive bakery selection of inline fall under 3 main lines: EZ Open, Crystal Vue & SureLock.

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