Hotel Cleanliness May Need Improvement

Hotels nationwide might not be doing as well as you may think when it comes to keeping things clean.

Mattress company Amerisleep conducted a huge review of existing hotel inspections (over 8000 inspection results were compiled – covering over 3000 individual hotels nationwide) and found some unsettling and surprising results. All hotels, across all price ranges, had unresolved issues.

What Needs to Improve

According to Amerisleep’s review, here are some of the most common violation citations given to hotels by inspectors:

  • improper garbage disposal
  • improperly cleaned kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, etc.
  • bedding and linen violations
  • insufficient pest and vermin control

Star Ratings Mean Little

Another surprising result of this survey: Five-star hotels actually had more bedding and linen related violations on their inspection results than one-star hotels. As a matter of fact, price, not star ratings, seemed to be a better indicator of quality. Hotels under $99 a night had the most violations, while hotels over $500 a night had some of the least violations overall. In another blow to star ratings, online customer reviews seemed to better correspond to actual quality than star ratings did.

How to Improve?

We’ve posted before about how to establish a successful hotel housekeeping routine. By building in basic, repetitive, and positively reinforced habits, you can begin to install a “culture of cleanliness” in your employees. You also need to review your existing resources and ensure each is being used in the most productive ways.

If some of the problems listed in the inspection review sound familiar, you already have your work cut out for you. At Johnston, our team of consultants can aid you in finding the right cleaning products – even for the more difficult cleaning problems you might be experiencing – and still work to meet your budget needs.

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