Branding in Food Service Packaging

Why it Matters to Your Customers!

Whether you know it or not, your branding is paramount to your customers.  It reflects your name, identity and often what you stand for.   But these customer perceptions run far deeper than we once thought. A recent study of branding at restaurants like Chili’s and Olive Garden concluded that brand personality perceptions have a significant impact on customer loyalty, restaurant preferences and likelihood to pass on positive word of mouth.

So… How can I make my branding memorable?

Well, if you asked Brian Richard, Director of Consumer and Customer Insights at the global packaging company MeadWestvaco Corporation, he’d tell you “when it comes to repeat purchasing, packaging is ranked as one of the highest drivers, having more impact than TV ads, online reviews or even recommendations from friends”.  Simply put, if you want people to remember you positively enough to come back, your packaging is going to be one of the biggest influences – it can’t be ignored.

So… I just need to brand my packaging and I’m good, right?

Not exactly – but that’s part of it!  There are two factors that make branded packaging successful:

  1. It must create an attractive, centralized and individual brand personality that sets your establishment apart from (and above) your competition!
  2. The packaging itself, must be functional.

What do you mean by functional?

According to Richard’s Company, WMV, the packaging functionality issues that cause the most disappointment among consumers includes:

  • Packaging that does not prevent spills, leaks, or breaks
  • Packaging that does not let the consumer finish all the product or dole out a set amount of the product
  • Packaging that is not easy to close or reseal

How can I be sure my packaging is attractive?

You can’t simply pretty up the box if it doesn’t fit in with your restaurant’s identity.  You should aim for attractive, but get there by making sure your design is meaningful and representative of your identity. Focus on what makes you unique, capitalize on that and then keep it consistent across the board.  Uniformity is more important to your consumer than you might think.  If you have multiple locations, be sure to keep your packaging consistent.  Your customer expects the same quality meal across your locations, and they’ll expect the same level of quality in your food service packaging as well.

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