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This day in age it seems like everybody is interested in going green.  We all can get on board with doing a little more to reduce our carbon footprint. That is… until that “little more” translates to increased costs or labor, in which case it gets a whole lot easier to revert back to our more wasteful, but bottom-line friendly ways.  Because of this, eco-friendly solutions providers must find innovative ways to bring more sustainable options to market without hitting their customers in the wallet, all while providing a product of high enough quality to incentivize the customer to make a change.

That’s exactly what Revolution Bag has done. 

Revolution bag has taken a bi-product formerly thought to be waste and realized they can recycle it and use it to create stronger liners, at lower densities, which are EcoLogo certified and are priced competitively with other liners that come nowhere near this level of sustainability. We invite you to discover how they’re completely transforming the way we approach choosing the right liner for the job by viewing the video below and join us in welcoming Revolution Bag to Johnston.


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