Bed Bugs In Hotels

Find Them, Recognize Them, Stop Them!

Think you could recognize a bed bug if you saw one in your hotel room? Most people can’t. According to a study in the scientific journal American Entomologist, over 40% of the nearly 2,000 travelers surveyed said that they didn’t know. However, over 30% of those surveyed noted that they or someone they know has dealt with a hotel bed bug problem at some point.

Finding Signs of Bedbugs

Even if you’re not totally sure what to look for, you can at least know where to look. In an article about the study results in Reader’s Digest, one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Hannah J. Penn, says that there are a few key places to look for bed bugs in a hotel room:

  • Mattress seams
  • Behind the headboard of the bed
  • Chairs and couches

Dr. Penn mentions that beyond the bugs themselves, “You can also look for old bed bug sheddings (outgrown skins), which look similar to the actual bed bug but are light yellow and delicate.” Another disturbing indicator to be aware of: a series of brown or black spots close together on fabric may be the stains of bed bug droppings.

Getting Rid of Them!

Along with a regular hotel cleaning routine, there are some extra steps and considerations to ensure rooms remain bed bug free. When cleaning surfaces with potential bed bugs, be sure to empty vacuum bags after each use, and dispose of it in an outdoor trash container. In addition to a hot wash for linens and bedding, don’t forget a spin in a hot dryer as well. Research suggests that both are needed to fully kill any bed bugs that may be present. Items should be dried for at least 30 minutes.

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