Practices for Removing Carpet Stains and Maintaining Rugs

Best Practices for Maintaining Carpets and Rugs

Commercial carpets and rugs pose a special cleaning challenge. Offices and other public spaces are often high traffic areas, so these carpets are under heavy use compared to residential areas.

While many commercial spaces use carpet that is designed to hide stains and dirt, facilities should perform regular maintenance on carpets and rugs and should also consider professional cleaning on a regular basis.


Vacuuming your rugs on a regular basis is the most important factor in long-term maintenance. Studies show that to keep carpets in top shape and uphold a healthy environment, vacuuming regularly is the easiest and most cost-efficient method.

That is because dirt, especially in high traffic areas, is the number one enemy of a beautiful carpet. Walking across a dirty carpet causes friction that damages the carpet fibers and shortens the life of your carpet or rug.

This is especially true of course for high-traffic areas and can cause more damage than a spill or a stain. Vacuuming removes the dirt and prevents this wear and tear and is the best thing you can do to prolong the life of your carpet.

Blotting stains versus scrubbing stains

Professionals agree, scrubbing carpet spills and stains only makes the problem worse. Instead of scrubbing, use an absorbent cloth like terry cloth or a paper towel to wick the liquid away and pull the stain out of the carpet. This way, the carpet fibers are not damaged by a harsh scrubbing action.

Use Professional Cleaning Products

While plain water remains one of the most effective ways to clean up spills on your carpet or rug, there are times when a cleaning product is needed. In this case, be sure to use professional products that are formulated specifically for your type of stain and have been tested for use on your type of carpet.

If you’ve spilled something simple, such as milk or beer, simply blot the stain with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. For spills that may leave a stain, such as coffee, fruit juice, or wine, follow the same method of blotting up as much of the spill as you can.

However, these spills may require use of a professional rug cleaning product to remove or keep the staining to a minimum.

Professional Cleaning

To get the longest life out of your investment in a carpet or rug, you should periodically have them professionally deep cleaned. Performing regular professional maintenance on your carpets and rugs will keep them looking clean longer and help you avoid the expense of replacement.

In addition, maintaining your carpets and rugs creates a clean and sanitary environment that gives your employees and customers the feeling that they are in a professional environment.

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