Are You Cleaning Around the Clock?

The Difficulty of Maintaining Industrial Facilities

Cleaning Industrial Facilities

Factories, generating plants, and other industrial facilities are among the most challenging job sites to clean. In addition to getting incredibly dirty, they often present safety hazards – given the machines and chemicals involved – and, unlike other kinds of businesses, many industrial facilities operate around the clock. Add to that the sheer variety of cleaning tasks and you have an environment that could daunt even veteran cleaners.

Keeping Up With an Industrial Facility

Needless to say, it takes a very special caliber of cleaning professionals to keep up with an industrial facility. More importantly, it takes a special approach. Given that things need to be done quickly and with great precision, it makes sense to have teams approach a lot of the jobs where, in other industries, one person might handle it alone. Because most of these facilities are running practically non-stop, cleaners also need to avoid unnecessarily disrupting the business to work.

It’s not an easy job. The tasks are varied, the physical demands can be high, and special care needs to be exercised given the sensitivity of the machines (especially since dust and dirt can ruin a lot of machinery). As such, you may need to put new recruits through the ringer to see if they measure up.

It Takes Endurance and Teamwork

Take, for instance, Leroy Likely, a Johnson Controls environmental-services contractor at a Lucent Technologies facility in Orlando, Florida. Leroy makes sure that his new hires have the endurance to do the job. The first test for these recruits? Seeing if they can keep up on a tour through the facility. If they can, they should be able to handle the job. If they can’t keep up, it’s a sign that they tire too easily and therefore probably won’t be able to handle the job.

Leroy is an advocate for the team approach to cleaning. Besides improving speed and efficiency, he notes that it boosts morale. More importantly, it helps the cleaners keep an eye on each other to make sure they’re giving it their all. If somebody gets caught slacking off, they might get stuck cleaning a building by themselves and, usually after a few days, the employee promises to work harder if he’s put back with the rest of the group.

Whether or not you agree with Leroy’s methods, it’s important to make sure that the cleaners you hire can operate quickly and efficiently so that you can avoid unnecessary downtime. After all, time is money.

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