High Quality Hotel Amenities Increase Overall Guest Experience

Hotels & hospitality businesses tackle a very unique set of challenges day to day.  The need to establish your own identity, perform special services and maintain a first class relationship with your guests is paramount.  At the same time you need to manage costs and room rates at an expert level to keep your guests coming and going and your profits flowing.  One great way to ensure your guests leave with a lasting impression of your lodging is to provide high quality hotel amenities, especially toiletries.

Toiletries Ranked Top Three in Importance

According to the trivago travel business blog, having high quality pH-balanced toiletries is the third most important hotel amenity to increase guest satisfaction.  Comfort after all is the most important part of a stay away from home, and there is nothing worse than using a soap that dries out your skin or a shampoo that leaves you hair dull and frizzy.


A completely refreshing shower resulting in smooth, clean skin, tangle-free hair and a refreshed disposition is the height of simple luxury.  It put your guests in a confident and joyful mood as they leave their room to go enjoy the surroundings or attend an important function.  By providing your guests with high quality amenities, you’re enabling them to feel great when they leave your establishment, which will in turn inspire them to come back!

Solution: World Amenities through Johnston

Johnston has recently partnered with World Amenities to offer several premium quality toiletry lines.  They specialize in hand made collections made with skincare & mineral based formulas creating a luxurious experience infused with lifelong skincare benefits.  Other features of their product lines include:

  • All liquids are Paraban Free, Phthalates Free and CDEA Free.
  • All Soaps are 100% Vegetable Oil and Gluten Free.
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging is Recyclable and 100% Biodegradable.
  • Cruelty-free. They never test on animals!

In addition to amazing toiletry lines like the bodyography collection, World amenities offers extensive accessories like makeup remover wipes, shave kits, dental kits, grooming kits and even sun defense wipes!  They will even customize a line specifically for your brand. Contact a Johnston expert today for more information.

How Johnston Can Help

Johnston works with many exceptional vendors to deliver quality products, training and service to our customers.  In addition our experts can help identify potential problem areas in your processes and help you to improve them through training, reinforcement and proper product selection.  Our team even offers laundry, warewash and preventative maintenance programs where an expert from our team will check on your fleet regularly, keep it in great working order and inform you of any necessary maintenance or repairs.  Contact a Johnston expert today to get started.

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