Finding a Balance in Healthcare Design

It Looks Clean, but Can It Be Cleaned?

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An interesting recent article in industry publication Health Facilities Management talks about the impact of something you might not expect: some stylistic choices in the design of hospitals and other healthcare facilities may actually hurt the ability for those facilities to maintain cleanliness.

Planning Ahead

The article quotes Linda Lybert, president of Healthcare Surface Consulting LLC, who sums up the nature of the problem, particularly as it pertains to the variety of surfaces in a healthcare facility.

“Most people think of surfaces as part of the design and construction process rather than part of an infection prevention and control program. When selecting materials, a lot of focus tends to be given to colors and textures. Although these aspects of a surface material are certainly important, there are many other surface properties that are critically important, yet are not thought about or given proper evaluation. After all, the most soothing color and texture is of little value to a surface that cannot be cleaned or disinfected properly.”

For example, Lybert writes in a companion article, “textured surface materials such as brushed stainless steel, pebble-textured acrylic wall surfaces, fabrics with tight or open weaves, and vinyl and plastic materials that may create additional challenges during the cleaning and disinfection process.”

Lybert goes on to note that professional consultants should be used whenever possible to aid with choosing the correct design and materials in the development of a healthcare facility. Decision makers need to take into account how a particular surface can be cleaned, and not just its aesthetic value.

How Johnston Can Help

Of course, if your facility is already in use, you may not have the opportunity to change existing design features. That’s where Johnston comes in. Our wide product selection and team of knowledgeable representatives will help you find the right disinfectants and cleaning equipment for any kind of surface.

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