Fabri-Kal: Cold Cups to Fill Any Need

With summer in full force, the thirst is real; making cold cup needs a top priority for your establishment.  When making product decisions to fit your cold-cup needs (or any food packaging need, for that matter), your choice normally relies on three key factors: Price, Presentation, and Practicality.  Luckily for us, the experienced thinkers and problem-solvers at Fabri-Kal are dedicated to focusing on these criteria and helping to find your best product package solutions.

Let’s Review the Cold-Cup Candidates

RK Polystyrene (PS) Cups:

In a high-volume scenario where looks don’t hold as much value as inexpensive cups with efficient pours, the RK line from Fabri-Kal is a no-brainer.  These cups are inexpensive, and provide some contact clarity** in their single piece construction which prevents leaks.  They are available in 11 sizes ranging from 3 – 32 oz. so if you’re looking for the most lightweight and affordable option to fit all of your cold beverage needs – look no further.

**Contact clarity is an industry term used when describing resin based products that are not entirely clear, yet increase the clarity of the contained substance when it directly contacts the material – this is especially prevalent with beverages.

Nexclear Polypropylene (PP) Cups:

The Nexclear line is a big step up in the contact clarity department, while still saving you the cost associated with high clarity materials like PET.  This Polypropylene based line is recyclable and has a temperature range of -4F to 230F making it suitable for extremely cold refreshments like iced coffee on these warm summer days.  Its efficiency is further driven by a lid that fits the 4 most popular sizes (12, 16, 20, 24 oz.) allowing you to trim your order guides.  This line is also boasts a printable surface for custom branding opportunities.

Kal-Clear PET Cups:

The Kal-Clear line is ideal when you’re looking for a wide variety of plastic cup sizes and a world of merchandising options.  The name is no lie, as these PET cups are truly crystal clear. This makes them not only good at presenting beverages, but parfaits, veggies, and other grab and go snacks that consumers want to see clearly prior to purchase. These cups are also recyclable and printable, with a suitable temperature range for iced beverages (-22F – 151F).  Saving on lids is easy with the Kal-Clear line as well with one lid that fits the 5 most popular sizes.

Greenware Clear PLA Cups:

The Greenware line offers performance, clarity and sustainability in one beautiful compostable cup. These cups are made entirely from plants, rather than petroleum making them a great choice in sustainable packaging programs. The plant sources are domestically grown and annually renewable as well.  While the Greenware stock print conveys a powerful message to your consumers, this cup can be custom printed with your logo/messaging as well. Pair this with their excellent level of clarity and you have yourself a practical, sustainable, and presentable line of cups for drinks and snacks of any kind.

All of Fabri-Kal’s lines come with many merchandising options with flat, straw-slotted and domed lids with cup inserts of various sizes and uses.  So, no matter which line fits your material and price preferences, you’ll have a world of options for presentation within that line.  To see more about these great products, check out Fabri-Kal’s full line catalog here.

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