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Cleaning your facility is no easy task. Spills, dirt and mold must all be handled right away, regardless of your industry. You may be used to cleaning with rags. After all, they are cheap and do the trick, right? Wrong!

Rags are inferior to Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes. These lint free and disposable products will give you the cleaning edge you need to ensure your facility, and work, shines.


Quit Ragging On Me!

 Say no to Rags!

Say no to Rags!

While you may frequently use rags when cleaning your facility, the outcome most likely will not be so professional (or clean). Rags offer little to no absorbency because most fabrics are not produced for cleaning purposes. Old clothes, linens and dirty-overused fabrics have no place in your cleaning closet. Since they don’t absorb, they simply push the mess around, rather than eliminate it from the surface. This can be dangerous when hazardous material needs to be cleaned.

Rags also create additional lint in your facility, creating major imperfections in your work. What do you do with your rags once you have finished cleaning? If they get washed regularly, they may not be entirely disinfected if not washed properly. How do we move away from these issues? What is the resolution?

Kimberly Clark Wypalls are Here to Help!

Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes are made of Hydroknit, which consists of soft, absorbent cellulose fibers and strong polypropylene none-woven fabric. This light-weight, yet strong, product is the #1 brand of disposable wipers in North America.

Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes soak up more than two times its weight. Most importantly, they are lint free so residue is not left behind, leaving your surfaces clean and without imperfections. Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes offer efficiency and delivers excellent performance to cleaning applications where fluids and disinfectants are in use for tough cleaning tasks. Just check out what these wipes can do:

Ideal for manufacturing, healthcare and transportation environments, Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes help reduce waste and increase cleaning efficiency. Consistent and reliable, this product can be used on large surfaces or specialized areas. These wipes are disposable, which decreases the spread of germs, oils and other harmful materials.

Make the change your facility needs today! Here at Johnston, we are ready to answer your cleaning needs with our Kimberly Clark Wypall solutions.

We promise you’ll save 20% with Kimberly Clark Wypall Wipes in 60 days, or your money back!

Rags aren’t offering that type of guarantee!

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