12 Ways to Handle Your Trash

Proactively Handling Waste

12 Ways to Handle Your Trash

Your operation’s trash can be the source of some serious food safety problems. For this reason, you should educate yourself on the best ways to handle your waste to avoid exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous materials.

Here are 12  suggestions for handling several types of waste:

  1. Ensure you have the appropriate number of receptacles so that employees are not carrying waste long distances.
  2. Make sure trash cans are easily accessible so employees are not moving them around and exposing themselves (and your customers) to bacteria.
  3. Pay attention to size. Heavy wet waste from produce and meat prep should have a smaller can and be emptied more frequently. Paper waste cans can be larger.
  4. Waste that is potentially highly contaminated, such as from meat processing, should be removed from the building as quickly as possible.
  5. High-volume receptacles should be placed on carts for easier transportation and to minimize the risk of ripping or tearing bags, which can lead to leaks and contamination.
  6. Frequently empty or swap out full cans to ensure there is always a trash can where it’s needed.
  7. Make sure carts are cleaned and sanitized before returning them to the storage or food production area of your operation.
  8. Keep carts that are designated for trash use separate and clearly labeled.
  9. Trash receptacles in the front of the house should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  10. Use specific, or disposable, cloths for cleaning of trash receptacles.
  11. Clean and sanitize all trash receptacles at the end of the day. A trash can washing unit is the best approach, but at the least, set aside a specific area for washing and rinsing trash cans.
  12. Use sanitizer and allow the cans to air-dry overnight to ensure the killing of all bacteria.

Paying attention to your trash and implementing simple routines for minimizing risk of contamination will help keep you and your customers safe from food-related illnesses.

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