School Closings Due to Illness

School Cleanliness Affects Student Performance

School closings due to illness are becoming an issue that many states are facing. Here’s a real world story of how to tackle a problem. Mountain View Elementary School in northern Tennessee (about 40 miles south of the Virginia/Tennessee border) had to close earlier this year due to illness, according to coverage of the incident in a local newspaper.

According to local reporter Jessica Fuller:

“Mountain View Elementary School Principal Melissa Sukes said attendance at the school began lagging [the week of February 13th].”

The school took advantage of the long Presidents’ Day weekend to correct the potential risk.

“Custodians began scrubbing the school’s 30 classrooms on Friday in addition to scrubbing bathrooms, the clinic and cafeteria. High-contact areas were first priority for sanitation, so desks, keyboards, water fountains, bathroom sinks, door knobs and tables were targeted for cleaning.”

Mountain View Elementary School saw their problem and had the ability to react quickly. Would your school be able to do the same?

Perhaps it seems easy to dismiss a handful of children being sick here and there, for only a few days. However, there is a surprising amount of children who are absent on a regular basis nationwide, and a real impact to children missing school. A recent survey by the US Department of Education found about 1 in 7 students missed significant school time. Illness is, without a doubt, a contributing factor to these numbers. According to the survey report, “Children who are chronically absent in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the third grade.”

A school’s focus should be where it belongs, on children and learning.

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