Green Cleaning Techniques For Asthma-Friendly Classrooms

green cleaning in classrooms

According to a recent story by local news outlet WWLP-TV, schools in the Holyoke, Massachusetts area are changing up their cleaning supplies to promote better environmental responsibility, and to reduce high incidents of asthma among students.

Asthma Alarm

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent nationwide study showed a child asthma rate of slightly over 8 percent. According to Sarita Hudson of Partners for a Healthier Community (a Massachusetts-based health advocacy group), the Holyoke school district’s students have a 27 percent rate of asthma, over three times the national rate.

Amy Burke, a Holyoke school administrator, explained to WWLP how these new cleaning products would improve conditions.

“What’s different is that they’re not asthmagens, and they will help the schools reduce asthma triggers in the classroom.”

Going Green

Some of the products shown in the WWLP report are green-certified to avoid harm to both people and the environment. According to Green Seal, a non-profit that issues certifications, a green cleaning product “cannot be formulated with harmful chemicals… which includes heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, asthmagens, and ozone depleting compounds.”

Johnston and Green Cleaning

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