FBI Discusses the Inside Threat to Food Safety

More Precautions to Take Against Intentional Food Contamination

Recently, FBI Special Agent, Scott Mahloch, who holds the title of Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator, was a featured speaker at the Food Safety Consortium in Illinois. He was there to discuss the potential threats the food industry may face at large food processing centers, and even at smaller local storage centers and retail outlets.

During the event, Mahloch spoke of both internal and external threats to food safety. “The last thing on your mind is a terrorist being interested in food. It does exist, and bad guys do have an interest in this area,” said Mahloch. He went on to say that an insider can be even more dangerous, as they can be familiar with “the facilities, processes, and distribution network and can cause the greatest impact.”

Take a few minutes to watch this interview with Special Agent Mahloch, taken at the Food Safety Consortium.

Mitigating Risk

Your company can reduce its risk of food being tampered with and protect your facilities by keeping an eye out with prevention-oriented measures. Here are just a few tips that are helpful:

  • Dart ClearPac SafeSeal Container

    Monitor products for evidence of tampering (such as resealed packages, damaged packages, etc.)

  • Secure open containers of food and/or ingredients
  • Control access to sensitive areas by delivery workers, company employees, and other outside visitors
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of emergency contacts

In addition to the FBI, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) also has made available their Food Defense Plan Builder software and training videos to assist in developing food defense strategies that you and your employees can use.

To read more about food defense plans, you can review our previous blog post that may guide you on your way to creating a impenetrable food defense system for your facility. The photo below shows an example of one of the many tamper-resistant products that Johnston distributes.

How Johnston Food Service Solutions Can Help

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