Since 1881

Johnston has always stood for reliability, commitment, quality, and service. Our heritage means years of accumulated industry knowledge, the ability to see the bigger picture, and the know-how to determine the best possible approach. Combining this mastery with the drive to deliver exceptional results, Johnston goes beyond sales, developing strategic, end-to-end tailored solutions for each customer since 1881.



Johnston is a family-owned business with the team vision of being your wholesale distributor of choice by providing customized system solutions.

Johnston Offers Free On-Site Surveys


Johnston offers this FREE service so we can partner with businesses that know they are getting the best of what they need.  A site survey by Johnston is an easy way for us to introduce ourselves and for you to get piece-of-mind on what we can offer.

Use the form to submit a request to have one of our qualified representatives come out on-site to your facility to come up with tailored solutions for you.

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Colleen Wegman

“Excellent Response & Knowledge of Industry”

The way in which Wegmans and you were able to work together and determine how to best continue serving the needs of our customers was commendable. We recognize that your part in this was not easy and we thank everyone involved for their efforts. We should be proud of how we came together, without overreacting, and quickly put plans and actions in place to protect our customers, our supplier partners, and our business interests. Thank you for all you did.

Colleen WegmanPresident of Wegmans Food Markets
Angelo Mazzone

“Fast Service & Great Prices”

The installation and service of the equipment was done in a timely and organized fashion with every deadline met. Johnston made a commitment to Mazzone Hospitality to provide a quality product at a reasonable and transparent price. They have kept their word and we look forward to a mutually rewarding future. I am grateful for their professionalism and am pleased beyond measure with their performance and product.

Angelo MazzoneOwner of Mazzone Hospitality