Tech Services/Help Desk


Assist the IT department in maintaining the company’s computer systems, printers, computer hardware, and providing technical support to employees. Assists with the daily administration of a network/server environment. Installs upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment. Supports and enforces a disaster recovery, security and backup and restore plan.

This position requires FT onsite work.


Primary responsibilities for the following duties:

  • Completion of call center ticket for help desk calls
  • Monitor help desk calls throughout the day and prioritize/assign completion of tasks
  • Maintain network operations as directed including: all PC software, hardware, security, firewall/VPN, phone system, upgrades & research, building security (key fob /keypad), copiers, printers, voicemail, and phone system
  • Monitor / administer backups, reviewing logs, and running various other procedures
  • Setting up and assigning user access to network shares & files
  • Setting up and assigning user ERP & CRM security.
  • Meet weekly with the IT Director to monitor workload and update projects

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